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Specialists in Sheetmetal Fabrication, Heating and Ventilation, Decorative & Securtiy Gates & Fences

QSM BuildingQuality Sheetmetal & Heating Ltd was established in 2004. We are based in Invercargill, Southland and are a very much customer focused company, employing 13 staff, with Mike Hughes (General Manager) overseeing all operational activities.

With vast and extensive experience, focused on metal fabrication, domestic and commercial heating and ventilation, Decorative and Securtiy Gates & Fences, Quality Sheetmetal & Heating Ltd, caters for the needs of Construction, Commercial & Domestic as well as the Manufacturing industries.

Having grown steadily over the past Nine years, Quality Sheetmetal & Heating have four core areas of specialization:

  1. Sheet Metal Fabrication: Expertise in the area of design (cad)manufacturing custom made metal products, with our own in house cnc profile cutting service.
  2. Heating and Ventilation: Design and installation of domestic and commercial heating and ventilation.
  3. Gates and Fences: Design, manufacture and installation of light weight, and professionally finished modular gates and fences.
  4. CNC Profile Cutting: Plasma and Gas Profile cutting service.
  5. Boardwalk Products: Elevated Walkways, Support brackets for Duct, Cable and Pipe, Condenser Brackets.

Quality Sheetmetal & Heating is committed to using local businesses to support its growth and use New Zealand Manufactured Metals in fabrication where possible.

Quality Sheetmetal & Heating offers full and complete services of metal forming, manufacturing, heating, ventilation, boiler installation.

We design, build, prototype, and fabricate a full range of customizable precision sheet metal and heating products.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality manufactured products for our customers with competitive prices and quick turnaround.

Our top priority here at Quality Sheetmetal & Heating, are our customers.. We do our best to meet and exceed our customers needs and expectations by focusing on two key factors--customer service and customer satisfaction.

The success and growth of Quality Sheetmetal & Heating over the past seven years can be attributed to the "team" orientated running of the business, we are committed to quality manufacturing, training, education and embracing technology and equipment improvements that will ensure that Quality Sheetmetal & Heating will continue to expand and deliver first-rate products and services to their customers in the years to come.